gartner“IT organizations faced with previously infeasible graph-style discovery problems may succeed using a focused solution like Urika.”
YarcData's Urika Shows Big Data is More than Hadoop and Data Warehouses (Carl Claunch, Sept 11, 2012)

Analyst Validation

451 Research: YarcData discovers its place in the analytic database ecosystem
(Matt Aslett, May 23, 2013)
Having recently completed its first year of operation, Cray's YarcData graph database-appliance business has now established its place in the database landscape, providing a platform for the discovery of relationships between data as part of exploratory analysis approaches that promise to encourage businesses to ask new questions, and to reveal new business insights.

IDC: Finding High-Value Relationships in Big Data (May, 2013)
This paper examines the dynamics of the formative market for high-performance data analysis (HPDA). The emphasis is on challenges, such as fraud detection, cybersecurity, and insider threats, that are increasingly crucial for both government and commercial organizations to address. Tackling these problems requires moving beyond today's needle-in-a-haystack searches for items already known to exist in a database. The essential challenge presented by these problems is to discover hidden patterns and relationships - things you didn't know were there - in real time or near real time.

Discovering Big Data’s Value with Graph Analytics
(ESG, Evan Quinn, April 2013)
ESG believes that “big data value” will largely be realized through discovery analytics. Though discovery analytics may seem more abstract initially, the results often produce insights that carry more strategic impact than BI or basic business analytics. To reach those insights, the discovery analytics process typically involves more diverse and potentially voluminous data, and requires of queries and searches for patterns in the data relationships that eventually yield strategic insight. “Discovery” implies a less concrete initial grasp of the outcome and the data that will drive the outcome. With BI and basic business analytics, the answer design and the underlying data are usually already well understood.

Gartner: YarcData's Urika Shows Big Data Is More Than Hadoop and Data Warehouses
(Carl Claunch, September 11, 2012)
The hype about big data is mostly on Hadoop or data warehouses, but big data involves a much wider and varied set of needs, practices and technologies. We offer recommendations for IT organizations seeking a solution to "graph" problems, including use of the Urika graph appliance.

451 Research: Cray's YarcData claims early success for graph database appliance
(Matt Aslett, August 10, 2012)
The launch of YarcData earlier this year gave supercomputing specialist Cray a graph database appliance with which to target enterprise interest in 'big data' technologies. The YarcData division appears to be off to a good start, and has outlined its plans to increase adoption of its Urika appliance over the next few years.