gartner“IT organizations faced with previously infeasible graph-style discovery problems may succeed using a focused solution like Urika.”
YarcData's Urika Shows Big Data is More than Hadoop and Data Warehouses (Carl Claunch, Sept 11, 2012)

Purpose built: why we do data discovery better than anyone

YarcData Solutions

YarcData has packaged the power of real-time data discovery into an enterprise-ready, Big Data analytics appliance. Urika ingests data and optimizes discovery from multiple, arbitrary sources, allowing your analysts to quickly load data, test hypotheses, and reconfigure data sets without the need of a schema or having to craft complex, cumbersome SQL queries.

Urika’s schema-free architecture, large shared memory, and highly scalable I/O enables the fusion of diverse data sets without the analyst having to first lay out the data or predict the relationships – or even know all the questions to ask upfront. It’s truly an engine that delivers on the promise of big data to accelerate finding linkages between, and gaining new insights from, disparate sources of information and data.

You see, we’re a subsidiary of Cray, Inc. - the supercomputer maker that’s delivered the massive analytic processing power required by scientists and engineers for the last 40 years.

We’ve harnessed those decades of analytic processing know-how to provide organizations of all kinds with a real-time data discovery platform. A purpose-built appliance we call Urika™ that finds the unknown linkages between data that sets you on your way to new insights…new discoveries…maybe even amazing breakthroughs.