pwclogoSherlock, a Urika graph-analytics appliance,” says Nick Nystrom, The Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center director of strategic applications, “provides a unique capability for discovering new patterns and relationships in data.”


Data Integration in Life Science – Are You Ready?

May 1, 2014 at 1 pm EST
This symposium is focused on various use cases associated with data integration in the Life Sciences, and how YarcData’s Urika platform can help organizations immediately take advantage of these emerging opportunities.
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Past Webinars

Rapidly Identify Drug Repurposing Opportunities for New Cancer Therapies
Systems biology enables a deep understanding at the molecular level of how different cancers form and grow, and can lead to the development of highly effective, targeted drugs.

The challenge lies in the sheer volume of information being generated. Medical research churns out massive quantities of literature, scientific results and opportunities for discovery. This posses a significant challenge for researchers and to be successful, systems biology requires all this research to be augmented into one body of inter-related, query-able knowledge, augmented with a variety of other sources of information, including the Cancer Genome Atlas, in-house genomic experiments, protein data from UniProt and PFAM, etc.

In this webinar, Dr. Ilya Shmulevich from the Institute of Systems Biology will discuss how YarcData’s Urika system was used to fuse this large volume of data, enabling in-silico hypothesis validation and successfully used to identify drug re-purposing opportunities.

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Graph Analytics: A New Approach to Risk Management
Faced with multiple systems, multiple data sources, long lead times to onboard data, and resource constraints, today’s financial services compliance organizations are encountering a massive data problem.

Watch this webcast recording to learn about an innovative and unique approach to tackling this big data problem.

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