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Customer Analytics – Marketing is no longer about the “big idea” broadcast to the masses.

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Marketing is no longer about the “big idea” broadcast to the masses. Instead, it’s the big insight into an individual customer’s unique need or desire that keeps a company competitive. Learning a customer’s propensity to buy or act is the essence of customer analytics. Accurate predictions of individual behavior help marketers send the right message, at the right time, using the right channel…and know when they shouldn’t bother.

In other words, it’s a Big Data problem. And that’s the heart of the challenge for the analyst charged with predicting consumer behavior – how to integrate massive amounts of diverse data from disparate sources, and find all the relationships, or linkages, within and between it – when these are not known in advance!

First, a more flexible data model is required; one where large sets of diverse data, coming from everywhere and anywhere, are easily ingested and combined. Second, and most important, all the unknown relationships within and between all this data must be found and inferred automatically, brought to the surface for the analyst to consider in real-time.