ESGlogo “Cray spinout, YarcData…uses Linux-ized Cray processors to blow through graph analyses at speeds beyond classic RDBMS' imagination - jet plane versus burro.” - NoSQL is Here and Now (ESG Blog – Evan Quinn, August 24, 2012)

YarcData technology finds anomalies faster -- to protect lives and livelihoods

YarcData Solutions

Cybersecurity affects everyone – from the largest countries to a single individual. Securing our networks requires not only monitoring billions of Netflow records, DNS requests, IDS alerts, and application activity logs generated by routers, IDSs, firewalls, servers, and network monitoring platforms, but investigating these massive datasets for the hidden, unsuspected or unknown behavior and relationships that can reveal a malicious cyber threat. Cyber attacks evolve over time, from initial infection or probe to active system exploitation and then after-action report by the defenders. Discovering these behaviors before the attackers have finished, or started, their attacks mitigates or stymies the attack itself.

Firewalls and security software can identify known threats, but discovering the unknown—when attack techniques are constantly mutating—can be an excruciating challenge. Working with disparate data sources takes an agonizing amount of time when data volumes are large and ever-changing, and frequent schema modification is required. In addition, the enormous volume of legitimate traffic creates white noise that masks suspicious signals of interest, especially when perpetrators go to great lengths to remain anonymous. Finally, commodity hardware limits scalability and performance, since only a small subset of the available data can be analyzed quickly at a single time.

YarcData’s Urika graph analytics appliance can ingest massive amounts of diverse data sets and hold them in memory, enabling the discovery of usable insights in near-real time from seemingly unrelated data, helping to prevent damaging events, protect intellectual and physical property, and preserve jobs and lives. Luck has been defined as preparation meets opportunism. Urika prepares the network data and analysis space to enable cybersecurity experts to make their own luck, allowing them to find the discoveries that are critical to cybersecurity analysis not by accident but rather on purpose.