ESGlogo “Cray spinout, YarcData…uses Linux-ized Cray processors to blow through graph analyses at speeds beyond classic RDBMS' imagination - jet plane versus burro.” - NoSQL is Here and Now (ESG Blog – Evan Quinn, August 24, 2012)

Financial Services - Analysis ensures that time is money

YarcData Solutions

Today, big data can be found throughout any organization, especially within those of financial services, which are collecting exponentially more data than ever before. This “data overload” is overwhelming the analysts and business users who are trying to gain insight, understand needs, anticipate problems, detect anomalies, and validate decisions across the entire organization. Users need to accurately measure risk and enhance outcomes, which can be done if (and it’s a big if) all the relevant information is considered.

Finding all of the interdependencies – the ones that are obvious and the ones no one ever considered – is what big data graph analytics can do...all while making the discoveries instantly clear. In real time, graph analytics can then enable immediate action, detect security threats, gain insights about customer retention, avoid regulatory breaches, and test current hypotheses against past occurrences to maximize profits by reducing costs and increasing revenues in just about any situation.