ESGlogo “Cray spinout, YarcData…uses Linux-ized Cray processors to blow through graph analyses at speeds beyond classic RDBMS' imagination - jet plane versus burro.” - NoSQL is Here and Now (ESG Blog – Evan Quinn, August 24, 2012)

Fraud - Now you see it

YarcData Solutions

YarcData’s discovery technology helps investigators inspect hunches faster. Detecting fraud requires spotting patterns – patterns that are carefully obscured and frequently changing. The longer it takes to identify a fraud pattern, the greater the financial loss to the organization. Organizations need to be able to quickly identify fraud to minimize losses and thwart repeated attacks. Investigators need to quickly bring together vast amounts data from diverse sources and then apply robust analysis techniques to uncover fraudulent activities. As new patterns are identified, the operational systems can be updated and improved.

YarcData provides these capabilities through its Urika platform. This platform combines the power of a supercomputer – delivering the largest shared-memory environment that has been purpose-built to support discovery – with a software stack that manages the supercomputer just like any other machine on your network. YarcData enables analysts to break away from the old paradigms around search and move to a more proactive discovery environment for all of their big data requirements.