ESGlogo “Cray spinout, YarcData…uses Linux-ized Cray processors to blow through graph analyses at speeds beyond classic RDBMS' imagination - jet plane versus burro.” - NoSQL is Here and Now (ESG Blog – Evan Quinn, August 24, 2012)

YarcData technology helps the life sciences take full advantage of all their data

YarcData Solutions

Today, providers and researchers in the life sciences industry face intricately complex challenges as the advent of new technologies add to the burden of ever-increasing data volumes. How is it possible to make groundbreaking discoveries among such massive amounts of data, all while reducing costs and improving quality?

Big data graph analytics can help healthcare professionals, analysts and scientists take full advantage of their data. It enables the capture and exploration of relationships among vast data sources impossible to achieve with a search approach – and turn data’s latent value into realized value. Whether the study is in patient outcomes and precision medicine or in drug discovery and development, healthcare professionals or researchers can take data from any source – research data warehouses, published studies, clinical test results, patient diagnoses, treatment and outcomes – and extend its scope, gaining insights that would otherwise go unnoticed or unknown.

YarcData’s Urika™ graph analytics appliance is purpose-built for the discovery process and enables new insights in real time. It addresses the limitations of commodity hardware, scaling to meet increasing volumes of data and quickly updating relationships as new data streams in. Faster elimination of false hunches and validation of correct hypotheses greatly enhances researcher productivity and results in faster time to solution or market at lower cost. What area of your organization needs faster answers to new questions?
  • Genomics/translational research
  • Structural biology
  • Bioinformatics
  • Drug discovery and development
  • Drug rescue or drug repurposing
  • Other complex research modalities