ESGlogo “Cray spinout, YarcData…uses Linux-ized Cray processors to blow through graph analyses at speeds beyond classic RDBMS' imagination - jet plane versus burro.” - NoSQL is Here and Now (ESG Blog – Evan Quinn, August 24, 2012)

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YarcData Solutions

Reporters have a sense when something’s not quite right. Yet they need time to figure out what it is, check the facts, write the story, and get it into print. In the meantime, corruption can thrive, life-saving solutions remain out of mind, and government activities (the good and the bad) remain hidden from citizens’ view.

Imagine, however, that the relationship of every known fact and unexpectedly related activity could be discovered and assembled before the nightly news deadline or the next news cycle update on all-news-all-the-time stations. That’s a very real possibility with YarcData’s massive in-memory, multithreaded graph analytics capabilities. It can make news even newer, and in minutes, not months. With YarcData’s Urika™ appliance, the truth can indeed set someone free…and set somebody else’s jail time.